We are very excited to be making our first steps into the realm of virtual running races!

Our first events are drawing on the Bath Skyline and the Two Tunnels events from 2017

From each medal claimed we will donate £1 to a chosen charity, which is different for each event. The cost of a the virtual run is £8.50, there is no booking or card processing costs.

Future events will be added at the conclusion of the actual event day series.

How does it work?

- Unlike other virtual events you do not need to register your interest for an event. You just fill out the event form once you have completed your run. 
- This means it is first come first served, when all the medals have gone then that is it, we will not be reordering any of the designs
- The minimum distance to cover is always 5km, but you can run, walk, dance or jog the distance. 
- If you complete your run in some far off land, not incorporating a specific feature of our real life events then your medal will come attached with a Virtual Relish ribbon
- If your run does incorporate a key feature of one of our events, eg a tunnel in Bath from one of our Two Tunnels races then we will send you a ribbon with that event and distance on.
- You do not need to complete a specific distance, eg 12 km qualifies you for a 10km ribbon, or a specific route which we use in our real life events, the key feature of what you are aiming for
- Upload your proof (strava file, watch photo or training log picture), select your medal and ribbon and we will get it in the post for you. Post goes out every Friday.

For the time being, the runs can be completed at any time. However once the current order of medals has run out, they will not be topped up, so get your run in fast to ensure you don't miss out. We will only create virual events once a real life series or event has taken place.

Please note this is a virtual event; there is no insurance, no first aid cover provided by the event organisers. We recommend you build up the distance of your runs gradually and that you should seek professional medical advice should you have any concerns about your health, or ability to complete your own personal challenge.

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