Cazz Lansdown

Never been a huge fan of off road, don't like hills or mud, but bloody loved the 'race' this morning, thanks to the marshals.

Vicki Gray

Well done on such a great event ! The route was great and the scenery was stunning. Was tough but I love a challenge ! I'd sign up to that one again

Mike Wakefield

A quick not to say what a brilliant event that was yesterday. I loved it, roll on 15th Feb!

Simon Curtis

Cracking and loved every minute of it!

Kathryn Dreyer

The best fun ever! At 57 years old I am embarrassed at how much I enjoyed the run this morning! Fell flat on my face in the mud, totally . caked, insane. Can't wait to do it all again! Thanks to the marshals who always do a good job.

Nick Russel

I really enjoyed running the new skyline route today. It was brilliant!! Tough n challenging but really enjoyed it!! I think this new route will be a success, I hope so!!

Leanne Weeks

Loved every minute, looking forward to doing it all over again!

Anthony Twycross

Top organisation as always, did the long half last year so new it would be good. Really enjoyed the race, that is definitely my kind of run!! Will try and make some more Relish races this year.
What can you expect at Bath Skyline 10km 2012 / 2013 from our runners in 2011 / 2012......

Peter Burton

Excellent cross country course with a bit of everything in it that was a complete test. All cros country courses should be like this one!!

Victoria Strugnell-Green

Running through the muddy woods (but not the really steep bits!) also the great support at the finish, the very encouraging and friendly marshals and the jelly beans and goody bags! My little boy archie who is 5 loved the children's race and has worn his medal to school today!

Bernadette Lewis

Lovely marshalls using our names.
More mud.

Robert Taylor

The organisation and location were excellent. I keep amazing myself that i'm doing cross country running in my 40s but hated it when i was at school, but i suppose I am fitter now than then!

Julia Dukes

The course was challenging for a beginner. The use of STV facilities.
The race started on time, it was well organised, even down to the little touches at the finishes - the jelly babies and fruit. The organises, were friendly.

Cindy Kitchker

Running through the muddy forests, I love getting up speed going downhill. Oh and the stunning views!!

Niall Hoskin

The actual course - varied, potentially scenic (if the fog had lifted)., challenging. The facilities at Sports Training Village were a real plus

Alison Lowbridge

The views were lovely (yes, I was so slow I could actually look around!). The marshalls were very encouraging and friendly. The medal is so cute!
This was my first ever off road event and I enjoyed it, thank you.

Catherine Turner

Very well organised and good information provided prior to the race. Everyone made me feel very welcome.
As my first cross country race it was very challenging, but was also one of my most enjoyable races with lots of encouragement all the way round. It was well marshalled - thanks to all those who stood out in the cold making sure we made it round safely.
I strongly hope to be back again in January.

Margaret Thompson

Good course - well marked -good encouragement from marshals-friendly competitors-easy parking near to course.

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