Take home FOUR medals for completing the Two Tunnels Ultra as a Solo runner or Pair!


Bath Ultra Marathon & Relay - 18th August 2019

This event will be held over 50km (31.125 miles), on an accurately measured course. The event will be held on loops of the 10km course and there will be two feed stations per lap, each with a selection fresh fruit, cakes, cookies, jelly beans, water and other refreshements. The event will be electronically timed at the 10km turn around point at each lap.

The races will start at 8:30am. There is a cut off of 8.5hrs for the 50km but please note that walkers are not eligible for this event.

There are 3 formats depending on if you are covering the 50km solo, as a pair, or as a 5 person relay. 

Solo: 50km Solo runners complete the whole 50km as an individual and will certainly get a strong feeling of tunnel vision as 20km of their race will be underground! Solo runners will each take home FOUR medals. 

Pair: 2 runners will alternate 10km legs to cover the 50km distance. 10km legs can be run in any combination but all change overs must take place in the Start/Finish area after a multiple of 10km has been covered eg 10km, 20km. For example 50km  as Runner 1, Runner 2, Runner 2, Runner 1, Runner 2. Only one runner can be actively running at once (both runners can not run 10km together and have it count as 20km). Each member of the relay pair will take home FOUR medals.

Relay: 5 runners team up to run the 50km in a relay, covering 10km each. Change overs must take place at the Start/Finish area after 10km has been covered. Each person cover 1 x 10km leg. Each runner takes home one 10km medal. 


Event Options

   50km Solo - £50

50km 2 person Relay - £60

50km as 5 x 10km Relay - £90

Accurate Courses

The routes have been professionally measured by UK Athletics and certified as accurate courses making these officially great PB routes! Ref

UK Athletics 50km 100km accurate course measurement
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