Event Management

At Relish The Great Outdoors Ltd we can assist you in any stage of your event or plan your event with you from initial idea, through to delivery and event summary. We already have a wealth of experience having produced our own events from 20111 and having worked alongside Bath and North East Somerset Council, Iconic Cycling Events, MCC Promotions, Hermes Running and the Delicious Trails Series events to name but a few. Here is what we can offer you for your event;

Event Website

We can produce a clean, easy to navigate website for your event. This includes registering a unique domain name (website address), hosting the website and updating the contact of your website.

Event Management Plan

Organising an event requires key milestones to be reached at specific times and ensuring everyone is in the correct position at the correct time on the day is equally vital. We can construct a comprehensive event plan including scheduling of key check points in the build up to an event, through to a minute by minute break down of operations on the day.

Safety Advisory Group Executive (SAGE)

Events with over 500 people attending are encouraged to go before the Council Safety Advisory Group Executive (SAGE) which reviews the Event Management plan from a Highways, Food Safety, Police, Fire, Ambulance and Child Safety Point of View. Our Event Management Plans follow the preferred SAGE structure and will greatly aid your event receiving this crucial sign off in a timely fashion.

Equipment Hire

We have an extensive range of event equipment available to hire from run arrows and stakes, through to PA systems, marquees and race clocks. Prices are very competitive and are offered at a reduced rate as part of an Event Management package.

Participant Registration

Whether your event is a paid for ticketed event or a free to attend event, registering participants is vital. This enables you to forecast numbers, ensure you order enough consumables (food, medals) and that you have adequate first aid provisions and waste disposal provisions. Whether your event is free to attend or is a ticketed event, we can build a bespoke registration system specific for your event needs. 

Social Media

The two are intrinsically linked with more and more advertising and marketing moving online. We can manage your social media accounts as well as manage social media advertising campaigns. Our own social media campaign has generated over 4,500 Facebook likes and 1,500 Twitter Followers.

Custom Medals

We design and create fun, interesting and unique custom medals for events. Our prices are very competitive as we work directly with the factory so we can pass on the savings to the Event Organisers. We have a 4 week lead time from finalising the artwork for your medal to it arriving with you in the UK.

Race Timing

Our own Race Timing system is extremely competitive and saves organisers hundreds of pounds when compared to chip timing. Our timing system offers participants live results direct to their smart phone. It is perfect for medium sized events up to 500 people taking part in a mass start 10km. We can manage more people over longer distance events. We have timed 600 participants over 2 Half Marathons, 2 10kms, 2 5kms all taking place at the same time, on different courses, at one of our own events recently.
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