Eastnor Castle is located at the foot of the Malvern Hills in Herefordshire. It has great motorway links making it very accessible from all across the country.

Eastnor Castle Deer Park,

Bath - 90mins by car
Bristol - 60mins by car
Birmingham - 30mins by car

The nearest train station is in Ledbury which is 6 miles away.

Please do read the whole Event Info document, there are some very useful info and tips in there. Here are some important points worth highlighting;

> Parking is £1 per car on the gate, if you could have this ready it would be much appreciated

> Your race number will be available to collect from the desk linked to your EVENT WAVE (see start lists), not your race wave.

> It will not be possible to swap any runners into different waves, there are just too many runners and the job would quickly become impossible

> If you have registered as part of an official group ie 10 or more runners, an envelope containing the numbers for your whole group will be at the Event Info desk for you to collect, not at the individual sign up desks. Please make sure all group members are aware of this to save potential confusion and reassignment of numbers

> Registration times are a guide to spread people out, number collection will remain open right until to the start time for that wave

> Your race number is your meal ticket if you have pre purchased a hog roast! Please try and keep it relatively clean if you can

Event Information

will be posted 4 weeks before the event


Remember to collect your number from the desk linked to your EVENT WAVE

10:00 - Mini Mud Bath Wave 1 - EVENT WAVE 1 (will sell out)
10:10 - Mini Mud Bath Wave 2 - EVENT WAVE 2 (will sell out)
10:20 - Mini Mud Bath Wave 3 - EVENT WAVE 3 (will sell out)
10:30 - Mini Mud Bath Wave 4 - EVENT WAVE 4 (will sell out)
10:40 - Mini Mud Bath Wave 5 & 6 - EVENT WAVE 5 - SPACES ON THE DAY

11:00 - 10km Wave 1 - EVENT WAVE 6 (will sell out)
11:10 - 6km Wave 1 - EVENT WAVE 7 (will sell out)
11:20 - 10km Wave 2 - EVENT WAVE 8 (will sell out)
11:30 - 6km Wave 2 - EVENT WAVE 9 (will sell out)
11:40 - 10km Wave 3 - EVENT WAVE 10 (will sell out)
11:50 - 6km Wave 3 - EVENT WAVE 11 (will sell out)
12:00 - 10km Wave 4,5,6 - EVENT WAVE 12 - SPACES ON THE DAY
12:10 - 6km Wave 4,5,6 - EVENT WAVE 13 - SPACES ON THE DAY

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