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Event Information

Please read through all the information carefully below ahead of time so you are familiar with how to arrive on site and how the waves of runners will be organised. The Two Tunnels Park & Ride service (TT1) is shown below, please check the timetable in advance. Each service can hold a maximum of 90 people per journey and we are expecting 600 runners to use the service so we recommend runners spread themselves out across the services as suggested in the Event Information document.


Provisional schedules are shown below. The final schedule for each race day will be published here on the Wednesday before the race.

Please bring your own water for the before the race. We are set in a field and can not top up our water which is needed for runners after their race. There will be caterers on site, and there is also a corner shop nearby, but we can not provide water before the event from our supplies. Thank you for your understanding.

We are no longer offering bottled water at the drinks stations in an effort to reduce plastic waste. There will of course be biodegradable cups on offer for you at the drinks stations as well as water containers to refill your own water bottle at every drinks station. 

Shuttle buses will only run between 07:00 - 10:45, 11:15 - 17:00

Two Tunnels Feb 2018 FINAL Event Schedule.pdf Two Tunnels Feb 2018 FINAL Event Schedule.pdf
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Two Tunnels 6th May 2018 - FINAL Schedule.pdf Two Tunnels 6th May 2018 - FINAL Schedule.pdf
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How to get to the Bath Two Tunnels

The Two Tunnels events are being staged at Brickfields Open Space (BA2 1LX) in the city of Bath.

If you live in Bath please consider walking or cycling to the site in the spirit of our event partner Sustrans. We will provide bike racking for cyclists :-)

If you are driving to Bath please park at Odd Down Park & Ride (BA2 8PA) and catch the Two Tunnels bus to the race site (£2.50 return for adults, £1 return for U16s). From here it is a 500m walk to the race site which will be signed and we will have marshals on the ground to guide you to the site.

Oldfield Park train station is approximately 800m from Brickfields.

Event Info


Start Lists will be published on the Weds of race week

Important Notices - May and August Events

The Half Marathon and Marathon are taking in some fantastic city centre sites. We are making use of public footpaths and not closing any roads. Therefore there are places were runners will have to cross potentially busy roads. All major crossing points have either Zebra or Pelican Crossings and will also be marshaled. The marshals do not have the power to stop the traffic. You must wait and make your own decision as to when to cross the road. You may have to wait a few seconds for a light to change so please be patient and take the opportunity to catch your breath. Anyone deemed to make an unsafe road crossing by one our marshals will be disqualified. Whilst this is a race, your safety is our highest priority and the same rules of the road apply during the race as at another time – do not put yourself or others runners at risk for the sake of a few seconds!

All paths used by the race are open to the general public, many of whom use the routes as their regular walking routes. Please make the event a success by being polite and courteous to the others users of these paths so that has a positive impact on everyone involved.

There is a cut off of 3hrs for Marathon runners to reach the half marathon/marathon split. This is at approximately 13.4 miles (ie beyond where you cross the Start Line for a second time). If runners have not crossed this line after 3hrs from the start of the marathon event you will be asked to complete the Half Marathon course and you will be awarded a Half Marathon medal.

To ensure the Half Marathon and Marathon runners complete the course the runners will be required to grab a coloured elastic band at Feed Station 4, by the Bath weir in the centre of town. Half Marathon runners will be expected to be carrying 1 band when they cross the finish line, Marathon runners should be carrying 2 bands - 1 for each lap.

Please do not run with music players which have in ear headphones, only bone conducting headphones are permitted in line with UK Athletics rules who license these events. It is very important that you can hear the marshals instructions, be aware of other users in the tunnels (think cyclist's ringing their bells to come past you!) and traffic on the sections of the course that cross roads. Thank you!


Two Tunnels Code of Conduct

We are working closely with out partners Sustrans and the Two Tunnels Group who worked on the reopening of the Two Tunnels over a 7 year period! Please read the Code of Conduct they have developed as we will be using it during our event, thank you!

All Users please

- Share the path so that everyone can enjoy it - the path will remain open to the public during the event.
- Keep to the left and please keep in single file where possible and unless overtaking
- Leave no litter - please leave empty cups or energy bars at the feed stations. If you can run with a full wrapper, you can run with an empty one :-)
- Respect the privacy of adjoining properties and landowners
- Be courteous and patient with other path users, particularly children. Please make yourself known if you are approaching another use in the tunnel
- Be aware that mobility scooters may use the path. Motor cycles and horses are prohibited

Walkers please

- Avoid spreading out across the width of the path
- Be aware that others may wish to overtake you

Cyclists please

- Control your speed: our shared use path is for sharing not speeding
- Be careful on downhill sections
- Take care when passing other users
- Slow down on narrow stretches or if you cannot see clearly ahead
- Be particularly careful at junctions or places where visibility may be poor
- Use a bell to let other users know that you are approaching
- Do not assume people can see or hear you approaching
- Use lights when visibility is poor

Dog Walkers please

- Keep dogs under control
- Keep dogs on a lead when using the tunnels
- Clear up after your dog
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