We are no longer offering bottled water at the drinks stations in an effort to reduce plastic waste. There will of course be biodegradable cups on offer for you at the drinks stations as well as water containers to refill your own water bottle at every drinks station. 


We are delighted to be moving to a new start finish location at Warren Farm, as we did in 2017. This site offers on site parking, a short and flat work to the start and a great setting to see the runners climbing up, down and along the gorge paths.

For those of you who have run before, we are situated above Black Rock, near the start of the out and back section of the old route. From here we will join onto the old route which will be largely the same, with one or two tweaks.

Warren Farm,
BS40 7XR


Event Info

Saturday 23rd June - Omnium and 6km/10km 

Cheddar 2018 Omnium.pdf Cheddar 2018 Omnium.pdf
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Cheddar 2018 Omnium - Start Intervals.pdf Cheddar 2018 Omnium - Start Intervals.pdf
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Cheddar 2018 Saturday 10km.pdf Cheddar 2018 Saturday 10km.pdf
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Cheddar 2018 Saturday 6km.pdf Cheddar 2018 Saturday 6km.pdf
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Event 1 (1km) - 13:30

Event 2 (Hill Climb) - 14:45

Event 3 (Sprint) - 16:00

Event 4 - 17:30 (Endurance Omnium, including stand alone 6km/10km)


Number Collection is according to your EVENT WAVE, not your race wave. For example, 10km Wave 1 is collected from desk 5

Sunday 24th June - Trail Runs

Cheddar 2018 Sunday Marathon.pdf Cheddar 2018 Sunday Marathon.pdf
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Cheddar 2018 Sunday 3km & 1km.pdf Cheddar 2018 Sunday 3km & 1km.pdf
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Cheddar 2018 Sunday Half Marathon.pdf Cheddar 2018 Sunday Half Marathon.pdf
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Cheddar 2018 Sunday 10km.pdf Cheddar 2018 Sunday 10km.pdf
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Cheddar 2018 Sunday 6km.pdf Cheddar 2018 Sunday 6km.pdf
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FINAL Schedule

EVENT WAVE 1 - Marathon Wave 1& 2 - 10:00 AM

EVENT WAVE 2 - 3km - 10:10 AM

EVENT WAVE 2 - 1km - 10:10 AM

EVENT WAVE 3 - Half Marathon Wave 1 & 5 - 10:30 AM

EVENT WAVE 4 - Half Marathon Waves 2, 3 & 4 - 10:40 AM

EVENT WAVE 5 - 10km Wave 1 - 10:50 AM

EVENT WAVE 6 - 10km Wave 2 - 11:00 AM

EVENT WAVE 7 - 10km Waves 3 & 4 - 11:10 AM

EVENT WAVE 7 - 6km - 11:10 AM

Important Notes

Rubbish Out On the Course: We have special permission from the National Trust, the Somerset Wildlife Trust and Mendip AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) to hold these events around Cheddar Gorge. Please respect the fact you are running in such a beautiful area and do not drop any litter! If you can run will a full gel packet or drinks bottle, please run with it empty until the next Drinks Station. We reserve the right to give out time penalties to runners who are caught littering, and to disqualify repeat offenders. Thank you for understanding. 

Cut off Time: There is 3hrs time limit for runners to start the 2nd lap of the marathon. Each lap is 13.2 miles but GPS reception is patchy so please do not rely on these too heavily to track your progess. There is no time limit for the other distances.

Race Numbers: No race numbers are being posted out, all numbers will be available to collect on the day. 

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