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Registrations for the 2017 Two Tunnels Series are now open!

26th Feb, 14th May, 9th July and 20th August 2017!


ChallengeMin age 18
Affiliated £80Unaffiliated £85£5 extra on the day

Mini ChallengeMin age 17
Affiliated £55Unaffiliated £60£5 extra on the day

50km Ultra
Min age 20

Relay £60
Unaffiliated £56/£58

50km UltraMin age 20

Solo £50Unaffiliated £48
£5 extra on the day

MarathonMin age 18
Affiliated £38Unaffiliated £40£2 extra on the day

Half MarathonMin age 17
Affiliated £27Unaffiliated £29£2 extra on the day

10kmMin age 16
Affiliated £16Unaffiliated £18£2 extra on the day

5kmMin age 12
Affiliated £12Unaffiliated £14£2 extra on the day

Colourburst Runs
1 mile / 300m
No min age
1 Mile £10
300m £8
£2 extra on the day

Bath Two Tunnels Running Race
Challenge Trophy

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10 or more runners only
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Two Tunnels 2017 Map

 Events - 26th Feb, 14th May, 9th July, 20th August from 10:00am

Build the interlocking medal set across the series, the more races you do the bigger your final medal! If you complete one of our Mini Challenge or Challenge series of events, you will be rewarded with a unqiue glass trophy, for everyone who complete the race set, not just the winners! Below is our new 2017 medal, a Two Tunnels train crossing over Tucking Mill viaduct where our 10km drinks stations now stands, on the approach to Combe Down Tunnel.
EventsColourburst5km10kmHalf MarathonMarathon
26th February
✔ Return Ticket
✔ Return Ticket

14th May
✔ Return Ticket✔ Return OR Hilly Ticket
✔ Return OR Hilly Ticket

9th July✔ Return Ticket✔ Return Ticket
✔ Return Ticket
20th August
✔ Return Ticket✔ Return Ticket
✔ City Ticket
✔ City Ticket
We have a range of different events over the summer which have different names according to the route. The 'Return Ticket' events are out and back within the Two Tunnels. The 'Hilly Tickets' go out through the Two Tunnels and come back over the hills that the tunnels pass through. The 'City Tickets' go through the tunnels, along the Kennet & Avon canal and into the heart of Bath on a circuit tour of the city.

We are very happy to be supporting the ongoing work of Sustrans in maintaining the Two Tunnels by contributing £1 per runner to their charity. Why not use your run to raise money for the Sustrans? You'll get a  free lovely running vest and other goodies! Find out more here.

About - Two Tunnels Railway Races

A truly special race that not only takes in many of Bath's beautiful attractions but also has the longest underground sections of any running race in the UK! 

Cutting right under the city of Bath, the two tunnels offer a truly unique running experience.  The Somerset & Dorset Railway closed in 1966 and until April 2013 the tunnels have been sealed and inaccessible. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Two Tunnels Group and Sustrans over 7 years, the two tunnels now have a new lease of life as a shared use path. The first tunnel; The Devonshire Tunnel is 408m long and the second Combe Down Tunnel is 1672m long. Both tunnels are well lit and well surfaced, and have recently been converted into a shared use path for the enjoyments of runners, walkers and cyclists looking to make the most of the city whilst remaining a flatter ground.

With a marathon, 3 different half marathons, 2 different 10kms, 5kms and 500m races there are events for all the family, and if they are not taking part, bring your friends and family to cheer you on; our start and finish will be in Brickfields Park in the middle of the city.  A green park complete with children's playground and table tennis table, a great spot to sit and enjoy a picnic after the race.

Events - Two Tunnels Challenge and Beast of Bath Challenge

Following on from our very popular Cheddar Gorge Challenge series we are offering two new Challenge events in Bath which challenge runners to take on their first half marathon or marathon running event. Our program of events build up Mini Challenge runners from 5km, 10km through to half marathon and our Challenge events build up from 10km, half marathon and marathon. All Mini Challenge and Challenge runners who take on and conquer the Challenge will be awarded a special commemorative trophy to mark their achievement.
The Two Tunnels Challenge events see runners making the most of the incredible Two Tunnels and the surrounding countryside. All the events, 5km, 10km and half marathon and marathon are on flat and fast courses and makes an ideal series of events for runners looking to take on their first half marathon or marathon.

Two Tunnels5km10kmHalf MarathonMarathon
Mini Challenge✔ 26th Feb, 14th May, 9th July✔ Return - 14th May, 9th July
✔ Return Ticket - 14th May, 9th July or City Ticket - 20th August

✔ Return - 26th Feb, 14th May, 9th July
✔ Return Ticket - 26th Feb, 14th May, 9th July
✔ City - 20th August

The Beast of Bath Challenge events see runners taking on all the steepest hills of the Bath countryside. With 3 events, incorporating the Two Tunnels race on 10th May,  located on different hills surrounding the city runners will enjoy the very best views of Bath on these tough off road running races. Whilst it is unlikely you will set a PB on any of these courses, you will enjoy a unique challenge and be crowned a Beat of Bath runner for taming all the hills of this beautiful city.

Beast of Bath5km10kmHalf MarathonMarathon
Mini Challenge✔ Mud Bath - 29th Jan
✔ TT Hilly 10km - 14th May✔ BRF Half - 23rd July
✔ Mud Bath 10km - 29th Jan
✔ TT Hilly Half - 14th May✔ BRF - 23rd July


All finishers will receive a custom designed medal and a post race buffet of fresh fruit, jelly beans, oranges, bananas and other tasty treats. 

Winners prizes will be provided by Running Home. There will be winners prizes over the 10km, Half Maratho  for the top 3 runners, as well as prizes for the first in the age group in; U20, 20-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+.