UPDATED SCHEDULE BELOW - We have moved all events forward half an hour and spread out the 10km waves. This was following consultation with local residents and businesses and they need to spread out runners across multiple car parks.

For those of you a little nervous about the heat, make sure you set off at a steady pace so you have it within yourself to run quicker on the second half of your race. If you don't end up being able to speed up, then this is no problem, it just means you will suffer less on the later laps because you started at a sensible pace, and you will end up with a better time overall than if you had set off like a train

Schedule - UPDATED 9th June

Registrations Opens: 08:00                                           1km: 09:00

Half Marathon: 09:30                                                     10km: 9:45, 10:00, 10:15

5km: 10:25                                                                         Prize Giving: 11:30 (10km), 11:45 (HM)

Event Information - UPDATED 9th June

- Car Parking is £2 per car payable to the land owner

Lacock Road Races Event Information 2017.pdf Lacock Road Races Event Information 2017.pdf
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Lacock Schedule 2017.pdf Lacock Schedule 2017.pdf
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Minimum Age Requirements

Half Marathon - Min age 17

10km - Min age 15

5km - Min age 12

Start Lists

Please remember that number collection desks are organised by your EVENT WAVE eg Wave 4, and not your race wave eg 10km Wave 3

Lacock Half Marathon 2017.pdf Lacock Half Marathon 2017.pdf
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