PROVISIONAL results will be posted here LIVE from the event. These will be tidied up by 6pm the day of the event.
We will be posting FREE race photos on our Facebook page too, so make sure to take a look in the days after the race. 

Results 2014

Killerton Half Marathon Results 2014.pdf Killerton Half Marathon Results 2014.pdf
Size : 53.524 Kb
Type : pdf
Killerton 5km Results 2014.pdf Killerton 5km Results 2014.pdf
Size : 41.777 Kb
Type : pdf
Killerton 10km Results 2014.pdf Killerton 10km Results 2014.pdf
Size : 89.689 Kb
Type : pdf
Killerton 300m Results 2014.pdf Killerton 300m Results 2014.pdf
Size : 43.53 Kb
Type : pdf

Results 2013

Half Marathon Results.pdf Half Marathon Results.pdf
Size : 77.29 Kb
Type : pdf
10km Results.pdf 10km Results.pdf
Size : 149.196 Kb
Type : pdf
5km Results.pdf 5km Results.pdf
Size : 62.813 Kb
Type : pdf
300m Results.pdf 300m Results.pdf
Size : 49.881 Kb
Type : pdf
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