PROVISIONAL results will be posted here at approximately 6pm on race day. 
We will be posting FREE race photos on our Facebook page too, so make sure to take a look in the days after the race. 

Results 2014

Killerton Half Marathon Results 2014.pdf Killerton Half Marathon Results 2014.pdf
Size : 53.524 Kb
Type : pdf
Killerton 5km Results 2014.pdf Killerton 5km Results 2014.pdf
Size : 41.777 Kb
Type : pdf
Killerton 10km Results 2014.pdf Killerton 10km Results 2014.pdf
Size : 89.689 Kb
Type : pdf
Killerton 300m Results 2014.pdf Killerton 300m Results 2014.pdf
Size : 43.53 Kb
Type : pdf

Results 2013

Half Marathon Results.pdf Half Marathon Results.pdf
Size : 77.29 Kb
Type : pdf
10km Results.pdf 10km Results.pdf
Size : 149.196 Kb
Type : pdf
5km Results.pdf 5km Results.pdf
Size : 62.813 Kb
Type : pdf
300m Results.pdf 300m Results.pdf
Size : 49.881 Kb
Type : pdf
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