Feed Stations - The Very Long Half Marathon & Marathon

We pride ourselves on offering some of the best feed stations you will find at any race! The Half Marathon will have 7 Feed Station passes and the Marathon will have 11 Feed Stations passed. On offer to quench your thirst and fuel your legs will be; water, isotonic drink, flat coke (marathon only), oranges, bananas, chocolate, jelly beans, flapjack, crisps and malt loaf. All this will be on offer at the end of all the events, with plenty of food available for everyone to have their fill!

We aim to make it possible to complete the course without carrying your hydration support or food on the course, for those experienced runners who are looking for a fast time. For the inexperienced long distance runners, we strongly recommend that you carry your own fluid and food as a back up and to keep you going between Feed Stations as these are very challenging courses. In extreme circumstances, we reserve the right to make it mandatory for all half marathon and marathon competitors to carry 500ml of water with them.

Cut Offs

There is a 3hrs cut off for the first 14.5 miles of the Marathon. This will be strictly enforced with no exceptions. If you do not make the cut off you will be asked to head up to the University to complete the Very Long Half Marathon course.

Lap Counting

Marathon Runners must grab a band at the Feed Station on the Canal. This is to ensure that all marathon runners complete the full distance. The finish line team will be checking all marathon runners so make sure you take a band at the aid station.

Health & Safety

Please read the Safety Advisory Notes below. Please note that we are not closing any roads for this event. Road crossings are marshalled and we recommend you follow their instructions - they do not have the power to stop traffic. The final decision to cross a road is the athlete's responsibility. We are expecting it to be hot again but please don't turn the event into a duathlon by jumping into the river or canal to cool off!

Event Information -  will be updated end June

Start Lists - will be added on Thurs before race