Race start lists will appear here on Friday morning....

18th September 10km.pdf 18th September 10km.pdf
Size : 70.671 Kb
Type : pdf
18th September Team Relay.pdf 18th September Team Relay.pdf
Size : 29.32 Kb
Type : pdf
18th September 3km.pdf 18th September 3km.pdf
Size : 29.497 Kb
Type : pdf
18th September 300m.pdf 18th September 300m.pdf
Size : 31.269 Kb
Type : pdf

Please check your event details and email Tom if there is anything that needs ammending.

(Please note only complete entries are shown below. If your entry says unpaid please get in touch to arrange payment, or you can pay on the day)

Details of the first race are available to download here. Please note the changes in the event start times. 

Please print off a Relish 'R' below to show you are part of the race and to use the athletes entrance. Only one R is needed per group.  

Relish 'R'.pdf Relish 'R'.pdf
Size : 2.024 Kb
Type : pdf
Race Information.pdf Race Information.pdf
Size : 189.407 Kb
Type : pdf

To view a full version of the map click here. Click on 'Map Options' and switch to satelite, and change the distance markers to km. You can click on the elevation button at the bottom left of the page to get an idea of the terrain.

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