Ebbor Gorge Running Race Fields

Route Description

The  Ebbor Gorge races are tough trail running events with a mix of woodland trails, open fields and rocky climbs - a great all round trail running test. There are 160m of climb for each 5km lap. This is split into 2 climbs per lap, one through woodland trails and one up the mouth of the gorge, a rocky climb up and out of the gorge, a very unique feature of any trail course out there. There of course, two corresponding descents, one descent through wide open fields with great views over to Glastonbury Tor and one more meandering woodland descent. There is a great cliff top viewing area at the 10km point where the race loops around a small area with wonderful views over the neature reserve and the route below.

The race loops back through the start/finish area for the 5km runners to head straight to the finish and 10km runners arc left to start lap the second lap.

Ebbor Gorge Cliff top views

Ebbor Gorge 10km Run Route
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