Colourburst Dates; 18th Feb, 6th May, 8th July, 19th August 2018

This year we have 4 Colourburst events, which are part of the main events listed above; 26th Feb, 14th May, 9th July and 20th August (part of the Two Tunnels events)

Registrations are now open for the railway races kids colourburst fun runs! There will be two distances to chose from; 1 mile and 300m, each with mulitple colour stations along the route! All runners will be given a white t-shirt to wear (size based on age on entry form) and we strongly recommend that you bring goggles or sun glasses to keep the colourburst out of your eyes. We also encourage mums and dads to consider a change of clothes and shoes for the car ride home :-)

These events are open for runners of all ages, particularly runners who would be too young to do our 5km race (min age 12). There is no minimum age for these colourburst runs and they are not timed events! Registration is £10 for the 1 mile and £8 for the 300m, and includes a white t-shirt, custom medal and a selection of refreshments. Entries on the day are £2 extra.

The colourburst is infact 100% food grade corn starch with coloured dye, it is 100% safe, edible but not at all tasty so eating it is not encouraged, and 100% biodegradable.