What can you expect from the Bath Running Festival?

From the 10km Runners

Bernadette Rigby

This was my first Relish Running event as I have recently had to give up road running. I absolutely loved the course as the terrain was different for me.Have already entered Lacock and just about to enter Cheddar!

Lynne St Aubyn

Cheerful marshals who alwawys smiled and encouraged the runners.
Also liked the goody-bag: simple and effective.

Oliver Gould

The course was testing which was good, the setting and the view made for a great morning. Would like to try the half marathon next year. Liked the orange wedges provided at the finish they were very much appreciated.
Alison Creighton

Beautiful, open, varied route.
Really well marked.
Parking/registration/loos/start all close together which avoids any last minute panics about needing a last minute trip to the loo or having brought/left the wrong things in your car etc.
Marshalls clear with instructions but also happy & encouraging.
Fruit at the end.

Peter Abram

Checking in was fast and efficient.
Start was smooth and instructions at start where clear and helpful.
Great course.

From the Long Half Marathon Runners
Andrew Cousins

The views and mixture of terrain. You should advertise the race as the most beautiful in Britain. Also the pit-stop were very good and the marshals were all excellent

Paul King

- Challenging course set in beautiful countryside.
- Excellent marshals, drinks/food stations, course route signs.
- All the various races set on the same day added to the pre-race atmosphere. Family friendly.
- Excellent facilities at the University with parking next to the start/finish area.
Nic Badger

It certainly was challenging, the views were magnificent, the best bit was definitely managing to finish it. The marshals and organisation was second to none - superb thank you.

Julia Belyavin

It's a beautiful course and generally the marshalls are friendly and helpful. There was great support out on the route. It's good value for money and the snacks, etc., afterwards are a nice touch

Mark Hoskins

Without doubt the best after race refreshments

From the Marathon Runners

Dave Ponting

Scenery - amazing. Marshalling & refreshments - equally amazing. Variety: roads to climbing up paths. Informal but well organised.
I'd like to say how absolutely great the marshalls were, loads of water, super cakes, massively encouraging. Congratulations to all concerned for a brilliant first event. All ran so well you would have thought it had been running for years.

Mark Travers

route was tough going but an absolute pleasure to run.
signage on the entire route was excellent.
feed stations were all excellent.
marshalls around the course were all fantastic.
excellent advise given to carry own water supply - it was very much needed.

Jo Earlam

It was a great event. Way much harder than I expected, but no bad thing for that. Certainly not your average 26.2 miler though. Excellent route marking, lovely friendly efficient marshals, top water/feed stations, nice medal and goody bag. Thank you

Devon’s infamous Grizzly Run feels like a cuddly teddy bear by comparison.
Mark Ilott

The Marshals were fantastic. Well signposted in between. The route was very tough, but the scenery was stunning with some hidden gems, even for a Bath boy.

James Rutherford

Awesome views & surroundings, lovely marshals, well stocked feed stations. Epic challenge!

Paula Green

The race was very well run excellent Marshalls and feed stations the course was hard but enjoyable well marked etc. Every volunteer were really happy and encouraging, definitely worth the entry fee.

Michael Grehan

I think the event as a whole was excellent. Course markings, the marshaling, the feed stations and the imaginative route made this a memorable (if challenging) running experience.
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