What can you expect from the Roman 10km 2015?

Jane Duffus (2014)

I did my first Relish run today, and also my first off-road race, and I just wanted to say thanks for putting on such a friendly, well organised, fun (is that the right word for THAT hill?!) race. I'll definitely be trying a few more off road runs in the future after this. I only started running this January, so I'm pretty new to it all, but am finding running so rewarding. Even if my thighs hurt right now!!

See you on the 27th for the next 10k.

Sara Burns (2014)

As is always the case with Relish races, I really enjoyed today! Haven't run for a few weeks due to a busy schedule and almost didn't come out but I am so glad I did :) Also decided to wear shorts, lost a shoe in the mud and then slipped a second or two after putting my shoe back on. Good times!

Giedre Danyte (2014)

We took part in the event on Sunday and GREATLY enjoyed it. For Mark Calverley, my other half, it was the first timed 10K race, and for me it was the second. Speaking for myself, I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it, including weather! It was very well organised, carefully managed, offering full and enriching views and experiences (I never ran off road before and now I do not want to run on road anymore!). I enjoyed seeing cows, sheep and having to think about the ground beneath my feet. Overall, it was the first of many (I am sure) great Relish outdoor races for me!

Elizabeth Polding (2014)

Roman 10k was great by the way.  Fairly new to trail races, so each one is a bit of an adventure, but good course, good organisation and a lovely atmosphere on the Roman 10k.

Jess Price

The scenery was amazing. There were also lots of lovely locals on walks/cycles on the way who were very friendly, giving out high five and lots of encouragement! 10/10.

Rob Helsop

I loved the hills, the decents, the mud, the different running surfaces and the views. I'm not a fan of road running and the terain & views are what makes it for me.

Jon Bickley

The views, the fact it wasn't actually too bad underfoot, well signposted, good variety.

Debbie White

The different terrains - slippery grass, hills, mud and narrow paths these really tested my fitness and motivated me to do more I found it difficult in lots of places but came away with such a sense of achievement. Thank you.

Heather Parker

Fantastic atmosphere and great encouragement from other racers and bystanders, especially near the finish line when I really needed it! Beautiful scenery too.

Wendy Lawrence

The views - the course - being off road - good start to enable everyone to spread out - I like the medal - well marshalled
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